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Our bidets on sale have been designed, manufactured, assembled, and tested in the United States since 1989.

We use medical-grade stainless steel in our builds, not plastics. We’re not just in the hygiene business: we sell comfort, peace of mind and independence as well.

We have maintained our high standards for almost three decades and have continued to do business with many satisfied customers over the years who choose to purchase additional units for new residences, gifts, and additional bathrooms.

We believe our products are better than toilet paper when it comes to feeling fresh and clean because even the softest triple-ply paper can’t compare to the hygiene gained from a gentle stream of water.

We are proud to make our bidets on sale online in the greatest country in the world, America.

is more than a bidet. It delivers.

Sometimes personal circumstances such as aging, incontinence, or disability require more than a gentle stream of water. The patented RxBidet delivers incontinence rinses and perineal rinsing solutions as well as shower body wash to get the job done. In addition, theRxBidet functions as a standard bidet.

This is an unpaid testimonial which describes this product far better than we are able:

I purchased a few years ago an RX Bidet for a handicapped client requiring an elevated toilet seat. Transferring from his wheelchair to the toilet as easily as challenging as properly cleaning himself following use of the toilet. I researched several weeks attempting to find an affordable, durable, and effective bidet he could use without (a) adding additional difficulty and (b) breaking the bank. Because of his physical limitations, most systems I reviewed were not applicable, and certainly not affordable. After reviewing USA Bidet, I believed I found a system that could be easily and comfortably use. I was not wrong! The RX Bidet resolved all issues relative to personal hygiene. The system installs easily and has proven over the course of time to be a durable and sustainable product. Not only that, the product is American made at an affordable price! Further, whenever I had questions or needed additional information, contacting the company was a seamless process. my calls were answered immediately, my needs were met – without question, and I always left the conversation feeling better than when I started. I do – without question – recommend this product, whether handicapped or not.

Recommended By Top Physicians

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“As a health care professional, I could expound on the medical benefits of a bidet. Hemorrhoid sufferers and the elderly can benefit from bidet cleansing. Females can have fewer infections. An entire list of health care benefits would be quite lengthy.

In order to comply with the spirit of the Full Disclosure Principle, I wish to report that the only relationship I have with USABIDET, financial or otherwise, is that I am an extremely satisfied customer.”

Bernard W., MD
Dyer, TN


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After lots of research online, we purchased a USAbidet for its simplicity and adaptability to our toilet. We have had it for over 14 years and feel it is better than any of the bidets we used in Europe for its ability for directional waterflow. Also, I am a Physical Therapist in a Rehabilitation Unit and recommend the USAbidet for my patients who have had a stroke, a brain injury, a spinal cord injury, and even back surgery. Not to mention anyone with any disease process where mobility is an issue. I have also told my friends how wonderful this product is despite having no medical need for it. Stop now….it is so much easier to use this bidet instead of a wet wipe or get into the shower to clean yourself. The patients and friends that have purchased this bidet are true converts!!! I sing its praises every day!!

Thank you for making and developing such a fine product. Your bidet has changed my wife’s life immeasurably.

She has a very bad case of Crohn’s disease and had colitis, too, before they took out her colon (save 2 inches of her rectum).

She enjoys her new Peri-Jett adaptation. Her skin has been abused by acidic liquefied stool for over a decade. The Ph balancing effects in the Peri-Jett solution have alleviated a lot of the pain she endured up to 25 times/day for almost 15 years. She appreciates the deodorizing affect of the Peri-Jett the most.

I purchased my first bidet in 2004 and it has been reinstalled in two homes. This is the third home and we have a comfort height toilet which required a longer hose. The hose was delivered 2 days after I spoke to you. It is great doing business with you. As a retired health care professional I have always stressed the importance of cleanliness and hygiene of the body. The bidet makes cleaning the perineal area so easy and prevents inflammation of the site. I have spoken to many of my friends about your product. Please accept my thanks for not only the bidet but your making it so easy to contact you for any needs.

The USABIDET is an ingenious solution to issues disabled persons can have when using the toilet.

I was fortunate enough to find American Hygienics makers of the USABIDET. This company makes a top-quality product here in the USA – not in another country. And the customer service is next to none.

If you need to solve a bathroom hygiene problem contact this company – they won’t let you down.

My mom had her first “official spritz” yesterday with her new USA Bidget and called soooooo excited and thrilled…truly life-changing for her as she has a difficult time bathing and is still to reluctant to allow a caregiver to come help her. My sister and I are relieved that we do not have to worry about her UTI infections returning as she is getting cleaner in her “nether region.” Suggesting the higher-end model was so helpful as she no problem whatsoever using the device.

Thanks for all your assistance and recommendations. You have a wonderful product and SUPER customer support!

This is absolutely the best product! We purchased our first USAbidet in 2007 and couldn’t have been more pleased. It was very easy to install (even for two old ‘geezers’), and has performed flawlessly. We purchased our second for dear friends who had just moved into a new home. They, too, love their USA bidet.

As important as brushing your teeth.

I just wanted to say how much I love your bidet. I stumbled across it and have had it now for 9 years! I’ve tried other ones and even had a stand-alone bidet but prefer yours. Simple, discrete, ecologically friendly but what I truly appreciate is the outstanding customer service. As an MD, I also appreciate that the price it something patients can afford and that there is the ability to control the pressure and direction of the water—great for body mobility/access issues. Highly recommend.

“I normally don’t do testimonials, but I feel so strong about this product that I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. Had two hip replacements last year, really came in handy. I liked it so much I put it on my 40 ft. boat. No more clogged heads. Once you use it you will never go back to paper. I think I will give one to my Mom who is in an assisted living home. Try it you will like it.”

“After I ordered and installed the first one in my home I was hooked! I have been an American Hygienics user for several years now. After I ordered and installed the first one in my home I was hooked! It met every expectation and more. After a couple of weeks of use I decided I could no longer get along without one so I ordered another and installed it in my motor home. It also performed just as the first one so I was a happy camper. This isn’t the end of the story. I have a place near the Mexican border where I go for several months in the winter which makes me a “winter Texan”. I ordered the third one and installed it there. I ordered a fourth one for the toilet I use when my wife and I visit our daughter’s family in east Texas. I own 4 but I expect I am responsible for many many more because I tell people they need one. The price is right, the installation is easy, and it works as advertised.”

“I needed this product to assist me while going through rotator cuff recovery. I am right handed and surgery is on my right shoulder so trying to use my left hand made things difficult. This product helped me tremendously.”

“While I have used the USABIDET system for over ten years and to complete satisfaction, I did eventually need to “upgrade” to an ADA height toilet. I was pleased to learn that USABIDET had already anticipated this growing trend and now makes a longer supply line to compensate for the added height of an ADA toilet.”

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