RxBIDET® For incontinence rinsE application

American Hygenics® | USABidet™

We invented RxBidet® at the request of a disabled military veteran who had to rely on someone to assist him when he needed to toilet. His challenges included immobility and incontinence.

We have worked with the VA for nearly 20 years. Veterans and disabled veterans are encouraged to have your VA Medical Center or outpatient provider prescribe this device through the VA Center. It will be available at no charge to you.


  • Our flagship product, the RxBidet®, exceeds the capabilities of the standard toilet seat bidet. In addition to a gentle water rinse, RxBidet offers the ability to administer a topical adult care product or no-rinse perineal wash upon demand, hands-off rinsing being more hygienic than wiping.
  • RxBidet® is an FDA classified Class 1 exempt perineal care device manufactured in the USA.
  • The RxBidet® has also proved to be an essential hygienic fixture for various needs.
  • Those with a limited range of motion due to arm, hip, or back surgery – especially rotator cuff surgery
  • Elderly and bariatric patients
  • Anyone needing a raised toilet seat
  • Incontinence

Things to Know About RxBidet®

  • If you have scheduled colorectal surgery or rotator cuff surgery, RxBidet® can make post-operative care simple, convenient, and comfortable.
  • We recently received a GSA contract award (#36F79718D0483) to provide RxBidet® hygiene assist devices to VA. This allows us to assist military personnel who have assisted in previously.
  • Healthcare system outpatients who are being assisted by prosthetics, rehabilitation facilities, and assisted home care.

Reducing the Cost of In-home Care Visits

  •  RxBidet® is a U.S. patented, FDA class 1 exempt medical device and has been awarded a VA/GSA contract. 
  • What sets it apart-reducing the need for costly in-home care visits.
  • Recent updates to its design have earned it a coveted durable medical equipment (DME) designation, and its medical-grade stainless steel construction ensures that it’s sturdy and easy to clean.