Our bidet products are designed to attach to plastic toilets



Our USABIDET® H-2 was our sole model for a number of years. Until the introduction of the H1, this was our best-selling bidet toilets for sale. Listening to our customers is a top priority in improving the design of our products. As a result, the USABIDET® H-1 was developed to help a servicewoman who had suffered a soft tissue injury to her shoulder, requiring rotator cuff surgery. With her right arm immobilized following surgery, she did not want assistance in maintaining her hygiene. We designed our H-1 model which helped her keep her privacy and independence as she healed. Her necessity encouraged us to bring the first left-handed bidet toilets for sale to the market.

From that design came the addition of an ergonomically friendly palm button to accommodate those with arthritis, MS, stroke victims, and other conditions that encumber manual dexterity and strength. It’s simple enough for children to operate. The palm button is the result of fulfilling a customer’s need and it became a standard.

  • Accommodates restricted range of motion without giving up the operational features incorporated into our designs since 1989.
  • We offer both left-or right-handed options (an ideal feature for users with limited hand or arm use such as rotator cuff surgery)
  • Palm button allows for easy control of BOTH water pressure and spray angle.
  • Features a half-crescent arm which is easily moved backward and forward, and is retained under the toilet seat when not in use.
  • Universal design fits most round or elongated toilet seats.

Easy to install. Hardware is included. Stainless steel for easy cleaning and long life.
Made from medical grade stainless steel in the USA.