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is more than a bidet. It delivers.

Sometimes personal circumstances such as aging, incontinence, or disability require more than a gentle stream of water. The patented RxBidet delivers incontinence rinses and perineal rinsing solutions as well as shower body wash to get the job done. In addition, theRxBidet functions as a standard bidet.

Veterans: This contract item is available to you thru your local VAMC. We are a GSAAdvantage contract holder. No paperwork for you or your provider.

This is an unpaid testimonial which describes this product far better than we are able:

I purchased a few years ago an RX Bidet for a handicapped client requiring an elevated toilet seat. Transferring from his wheelchair to the toilet as easily as challenging as properly cleaning himself following use of the toilet. I researched several weeks attempting to find an affordable, durable, and effective bidet he could use without (a) adding additional difficulty and (b) breaking the bank. Because of his physical limitations, most systems I reviewed were not applicable, and certainly not affordable. After reviewing USA Bidet, I believed I found a system that could be easily and comfortably use. I was not wrong! The RX Bidet resolved all issues relative to personal hygiene. The system installs easily and has proven over the course of time to be a durable and sustainable product. Not only that, the product is American made at an affordable price! Further, whenever I had questions or needed additional information, contacting the company was a seamless process. my calls were answered immediately, my needs were met – without question, and I always left the conversation feeling better than when I started. I do – without question – recommend this product, whether handicapped or not.

Who We Are

RxBidet is a member of our USABidet products group which designs, manufacturs, assembles, and tests in the United States since 1989.

We are proud of this position as it allows for a more hands-on, customer accessible operations. We have maintained our high standards for almost three decades. Many of our satisfied customers choose to purchase additional units for new residences, aging loved ones, gifts, and additional bathrooms.

Many of our customers have offered constructive suggestions. We listen and where cost-effective we take a look. We are a small company and our size gives us the advantage of flexibility. Each of our major design changes implemented after production of the original USABIDET H-2 have come about because of specific needs of our customers. There are interesting stories behind them all.

RxBidet and USABidet continue to actively engineer our products. CNC machining of our stainless steel parts insures tolerances remain constant throughout. We do not simply make a mold and inject plastic for mass production here or abroad. We believe our products are better than toilet paper when it comes to feeling fresh and clean because even the softest triple-ply paper can’t compare to the hygiene gained from a gentle stream of water.

You can feel confident that our using the best materials and engineering techniques gives you the value for the dollar you expect. We use medical grade stainless steel in our builds. Our fittings and connectors are laboratory grade.


RxBidet is more than a bidet. It delivers.

You control water and rinse solution delivery, allowing for a more thorough wash.
You control both pressure and direction of the rinse using our ergonomically designed palm button joystick.
Made of medical grade stainless steel and laboratory grade connectors.
Refillable rinse reservoir which may be placed out of site on floor behind toilet.
The syringe compatible Luer connector also allows for hands-off introduction of topical meds thru the bidet.
Easily installed, hardware included.
Universal design mounts to most round or elongated toilet seats.
May be used with certain models of raised and elevated toilet seats.
May also be used as a regular bidet.

is more than a bidet. It delivers.


We are accustomed to bathing on a regular basis. Sometimes this is not always possible. We do, however use the toilet on a regular basis. More often than not there is residue left behind especially when toilet paper is used to wipe. This fecal residue dries and may give off an unpleasant odor. It may also contribute to skin irritations if not worse. The localized application of a bit of body wash with water pressure may help to mitigate the situation and leave you fresh. As one of our ‘End users’ stated: It’s like a shower for your bottom. Our customers who are Residents of Adult and Senior Living communities have come to appreciate this advantage.

Incontinence And Diarrhea

Having to deal with excessive wet and dry fecal matter as well as the irritation from urine is unpleasant at best. There is a wide variety of perineal rinses and incontinence rinses available to you. Having to manually apply these solutions is not only unpleasant but offers the opportunity to spread bacteria to other areas. No matter how well you wash your hands the risk is there. RxBidet is designed to deliver these rinses thru a hands-off delivery system. When the application is coupled with controlled pressure and direction the cleansing is more thorough.


RxBidet was initially developed for a long time USABidet customer who had to deal with a degenerative status as he aged. He contacted us and spoke of his history. His immobility began with being dependent on a wheelchair to get around and transferring to an elevated toilet seat. As his condition degenerated he had to wait for someone to assist him. His problems began when that happened. He had to deal with a contact dermatitis which was the result of long term skin contact with fecal matter and dried urine because he was forced to wait for assistance. The combination of the dispensed perineal rinse and directed water helped him to keep his hygiene while moisturizing the affected perineal area.

Aging In Place And Home Health

Independence is a key reason people want to stay in their homes. They are comfortable with their surroundings . There also the attendant costs and inconveniences of moving. They are more comfortable having a homecare provider arriving and assisting them in their everyday necessities. This includes toiletry and having to contend with a loss of dignity associated with someone keeping you clean is tough on both the individual and their assistant. RxBidet has considered this when designing the device. RxBidet will attach to both round and oval toilet seats on conventional and ADA toilets. In addition, RxBidet will attach to many raised and elevated toilet seats. It also has enough controlled pressure to apply rinses and shower soap solutions when the elevated seat is placed over the conventional seat.
This works for everybody involved.

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