Our bidet products are designed to attach to round  or elongated toilet seats


When water alone just doesn’t cut it

When water alone just doesn’t cut it

  • Hands-off perineal skin care when you want it.
  • Dispenses your choice of OTC incontinence rinses or adult care along with water to the needed area
  • Convenient refillable rinse reservoir
  • User controls the pressure and direction for application of adult care rinses, incontinence rinses, or simply water.
  • Washing is better than wiping for irritated skin
  • Ergonomically designed palm button joystick allows use by manually compromised individuals.
  • Universal design mounts to most round or elongated toilet seats.

Why this model should be selected

  • Designed to dispense liquid soap or body wash when needed
  • May be used with selected models of raised and elevated toilet seats.
  • Can be operated by you or a Care Provider Assistant
  • Maintains dignity of outpatients and Aging in Place parents
  • May also function as a regular bidet as well
  • Sometimes personal circumstances such as aging, incontinence, or disability require more than a gentle water stream.

Easily installed, hardware included. We use medical-grade stainless steel and laboratory-grade connectors.