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PERIJETT – Toileting Aid For Personal Cleanliness


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We invented Perijett at the request of a disabled military veteran who had to rely on someone to assist him when he needed to toilet. His added challenges included incontinence. Veterans and disabled veterans are encouraged to have your VA Medical Center or outpatient provider contact us. Here at USABidet, we carry one of our special bidets for sale online. Our flagship product, the Perijett, exceeds the capabilities of the standard toilet seat bidet. In addition to a gentle water rinse, Perijett offers the ability to administer a topical OTC perineal wash upon demand. This is great for keeping things clean and hygienic. 

The Perijett is an FDA classified Class 1 exempt perineal care device manufactured in the USA. Meaning it has little to no risk to the patient’s health when administered.

The Perijett has also proved to be an essential hygienic fixture for (i) those with a limited range of motion due to arm, hip, or back surgery – especially rotator cuff surgery, (ii) elderly and bariatric patients, (iii) anyone needing a raised toilet seat, (iv) incontinence.


Toileting aid to keep you clean.
Universal design fits most round or elongated toilet seats.
Delivers a topical cleansing rinse or medication to the user’s perineal area.
Hospital approved palm button allows use of palm pressure for device operation.
Fitted with a syringe port which allows introduction of topical medications, OTC personal rinses, or device cleaning solutions.
Attached roller clamp allows user to rinse with clean water or a solution-wash.
Each order includes a complimentary sample of OTC rinse.
Can be used by right or left-handed users (please specify in order)
FDA classified as Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
Veterans are encouraged to present this product to their caregivers to determine VA benefits approval.
Easy to install. Hardware is included.
Made from medical grade stainless steel in the USA.