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Benefits of Bidets


What’s A Bidet?

You may have recently heard about bidets, or maybe have seen one while traveling to European countries. You were probably wondering what exactly is that? What does it do? And what are the benefits of bidets, if any? 

While bidets look similar to a toilet, don’t try to use them as a second toilet! Essentially bidets are another bowl where you can rinse after doing your business in the real toilet. You may have seen some next to the toilet or very close to the toilet. It shoots a stream of water to help clean the area after using the toilet. However, nowadays as technology continues to advance, you can find some bidets that are combined with the toilet. A two for one if you will.

At American Hygienics USABidet, we provide bidets that are already combined with the toilets. All of our products have been designed with our customers in mind. We aim to improve our customers quality of life. Through listening to our customers, we have developed different bidet styles to help with different problems.


Why Choose A Bidet

However, that doesn’t mean that only people with existing problems can benefit from a bidet. People of all walks of life can find an advantage to using a bidet. Read through to find a list of benefits you can expect with a bidet.


Environmentally Friendly

Bidets are used to help clean after you use the toilet. As bidets shoot water to help clean the area after using the toilet, you won’t have to use as much toilet paper to ensure that you are properly clean. Use the extra money you will save from buying less toilet paper and spend it on something that you actually want. 


Helps With Hygiene

Another benefit of bidets is that it helps with hygiene. You can rest assured that the area will be cleaner when using a bidet, than when you only use toilet paper. As you use a bidet after you wipe, you are essentially going through two steps to make sure you are thoroughly clean.

Since you are using the stream of water from the bidet to clean yourself, you lessen the risk of spreading bacteria through your hands. Therefore, your overall hygiene can be protected and your chances of getting ill is reduced.

While a lot of people associate bidets with women’s reproductive health, the benefits of bidets also reach men’s health. By keeping your area clean, you can avoid many problems that you don’t want to deal with.


Women’s Reproductive Health Benefits

As most women know, cleanliness plays a huge part in women’s reproductive health. If you are prone to getting UTIs, purchasing a bidet would be great investment. When you have a UTI, your reproductive area is already feeling sensitive. Add on the constant feeling of having to use the bathroom and toilet paper becomes your number one enemy. The bidet’s stream of water can make sure that your reproductive area is and stays clean.

 Women can also benefit from a bidet during menstruation as it provides complete cleansing. It’s also beneficial for pregnant women. As your stomach grows during pregnancy, it tends to make it much more difficult to do simple tasks. A bidet will help you improve your quality of life by making your life easier when doing everyday things such as cleaning after using the bathroom.


Medical Health Benefits

People suffering from medical health can also reap the benefits of bidets. If you suffer from persistent hemorrhoids, you can find some relief using a bidet. As hemorrhoids tend to get irritated with the roughness of toilet paper, a bidet’s stream of water would help alleviate that problem.

If you suffer from IBS or Crohn’s Disease, you know how it affects your gastrointestinal health. Much like with hemorrhoids, you area gets irritated further with the constant use of toilet paper. Investing in a bidet can bring relief when using the bathroom. Don’t waste any more time adding to your suffering and switch to a bidet toilet.

As we get older, we begin to experience limited flexibility. Seniors that have lost the range of mobility they had previously can benefit from using a bidet. Many times, seniors experience mobility issues to the extent of needing help when using the restroom. Having to ask for help during such an intimate setting, can be very awkward and uncomfortable. With a bidet, you won’t need to ask for help to properly clean yourself when using the bathroom.

Even if you don’t suffer from any of the problems mentioned above, you could benefit from using a bidet if you have limited mobility due to some other problem. For example, if you are trying to navigate going to the bathroom post-surgery, a bidet can help make sure you don’t injure yourself as you use the bathroom. By making it easier to clean yourself, bidets can be very beneficial for those that had shoulder surgery, or even foot surgery as you wouldn’t have to maneuver trying to reach places, potentially injuring yourself along the way. In fact, one of our customers required rotator cuff surgery and is the inspiration for one of our current bidet models!


USA Bidet

At USA Bidet we pride ourselves in providing our customers with a higher quality of life through our products. By listening to one of our customer’s concerns, we were able to design one of our most popular products! As our name implies, we fabricate our products in the United States. We put emphasis in providing only the best for our customers and so we only use medical-grade stainless steel in our bidets. We believe that our bidets will provide you with the cleanliness that just can’t be achieved by using even the most expensive toilet paper.  

USA Bidet offers free shipping on all orders within the adjoining states. Along with that we also offer a money back guarantee. Don’t wait any longer to reap the benefits of bidets and improve your quality of life, find a list of our products here.

Benefits of Bidets

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